Студент КГМУ: Вызов врача на дом. Диалог.

Вызов врача на дом. Диалог.

Вызов   врача на дом.

A: Good morning. Is it children's policlinic №1? 
B: Yes, what can I do for you?
A: My son is ill. May I call in a doctor?
B: Certainly. What's the matter with him?
A: He has a very high temperature, a bad cough, and running nose.
B: What is your son's temperature? A: It is over 38 C.
B: What is his name? How old is your son?
A: My son's name is... He is 5.
B: Where do you live?
A: 5, Chekhov street, flat 123.
B: Your local pediatrician will come in the afternoon.
A: At what time exactly?
B: I can't say for sure. Your local doctor Ivanova has many calls today.
I think she will come after 4 p.m.
A: Thank you. Good-bye.
B: Good-bye.