Студент КГМУ: Врач на дому у больного. Диалог.

Врач на дому у больного. Диалог.

Врач на дому у больного

В: Good afternoon.
A: Good afternoon.
В: You are Dmitri Ivanov's mother, aren't you? Tell me, what troubles
you in your child's condition? Could you describe the manifestations of
his illness?
A: He has a very high temperature, a bad cough, and running nose.
B: How long has the child been sick?
A: He felt rotten two days ago. But as his temperature was normal I did
not call in a doctor.
B: Remove the child's clothes. I want to listen to his heart and lungs. I
can't hear any rales.I don't think the child has got bronchitis. Hold your
child erect on your lap. I am going to examine his throat.
A: You know doctor, he threw up yesterday, be careful, please.
B: And what was his temperature?
A: It is over 38C.
B: The child threw up because of high temperature. Calm down, I will
be very careful.
A: Are the tonsils inflamed?
B: Yes, and the lymph nodes are enlaged. It might be quinsy, but I'm not
sure yet.
A: Ought we to have some laboratory tests done?
B: Yes, and I'll let you know the diagnosis as we have the tests finished.
A: At what about hospitalization, doctor?
B: There is no need in it. The child should be isolated from other
children and kept in isolation until complete recovery.
A: Doctor, I need a sick-leave.
B: Sure, I'll give you a sick-leave for 7 days and the prescription for
antibiotics. Give the drug to your child three times-a day before meals.
A: Thank you very much. If the child's condition remains unchanged I'll
call in a doctor again.
B: Let's hope for a better outcome. Good-bye.
A: Good-bye.