Студент КГМУ: Университет, в котором я учусь. Диалог.

Университет, в котором я учусь. Диалог.

Университет, в котором я учусь.

A     Hello, Ira.
В    Hi, Lena.
A    How 's life?
В    Fine, thanks. And what about you?
A   I 'm all right.
В    I wonder, Lena, have you ever regretted about your decision to become
a student of the Kursk State Medical University?
A    Never.v I.
A    As far as I know the Kursk State Medical University is one of the
oldest Universities in our country.
В    You are right. And it is famous for its high - quality education.
A    Moreover a lot of foreign students from different countries of the world
study here .
В     Students can choose the faculty they like best. Our University has
medical , pharmacencal, nursing, economic, social, medico-psychological
departments. As for me I  study at the    __________________   department.
A    We have a good opportunity to go in for sports. I mean our large   gym.
В    And we are proud of our sportsmen who take part in different
competitions and   win the first prizes.
A    I admire everything in my University. Take for example University
library or its Assembly Hall.
В    But the best thing for students is to have a rest sitting on comfortable
sofas a having a chat.
A    To sum it up I am very proud of my University.
В So am I. I think it is the best University in the world.
A Now , lets hurry up not to be late for the lecture.  
В Don' t worry.  We have some minutes left.
A It' s better to wait than to be late.
В All right. Let s go!