Студент КГМУ: Услуги, которые оказывает почта. Диалог.

Услуги, которые оказывает почта. Диалог.

Услуги, которые оказывает почта.

A Hello, Ira.
В Hi, Lena.
A Can yon tell me where the nearest post-office is?
Today is my friend's birthday. Г d like to send an urgent telegram. She is in
Italy at the moment.
В It' s just round the corner.
A Excuse me, where can I take a telegram form?
В Here is a form to fill in.
You should write the text in your language but use Roman letters.
AI see. Here is my telegram.
В How will you send it?
A Make it an urgent telegram
В  It will be delivered tomorrow morning.
A  Oh , it's too late. Г d better book a call.
В  What number shall I dial?
A   It' s 8-268-52-47-31.
В   Wait a minute, please. Sorry, the line is engaged.
A  Will yon phone again? May be you have diled the wrong number. I'd better make a call from my house.
В Sorry , I've kept yon waiting.
A Don' t worry!
A 8-268-52-47-31 . Is that yon , Mary?
В  Speak louder , please . Yes, it's me . I can' t hear yon well. Will you phone again?
A  Can you hear me well now?
В  Yes, I can.
A  Happy birthday to you, Mary!
В  Thanks a lot.
A  How' s life?
В   Fine , thanks . And what abort you?
A I m О k.
В Bye.
A Bye-bye.