Студент КГМУ: Семейные, родственные отношения, биография. Диалог.

Семейные, родственные отношения, биография. Диалог.

Семейные, родственные отношения, биография.

A Hello, Ira.
В     Hi, Lena.
A     Haven' t   seen you for ages!
В   То be exact, we haven' t seen each other since we left school.
A     Are you married, I wonder?
В   Not yet. Maybe I shall think about having my own family after
graduating   from the University. But my elder sister got married 3 years ago.
A     What is her husband?
В    Не is an economist.
A     Have they any children?
В    Yes, they have a pretty girl called Mary.
A     Is she the only child in the family?
В     Yes, she is.
A    How old is she?
В    She was born two years ago. So she is two.
A   Oh, my niece and your niece are of the same age.
В    How interesting!
A    Do you all live together?
В     No , we don't. My sister lives with her husband and her daughter. Her
mother in law lives with them too.
A     Do   they often argue?
В      Never.  It' s all in the hands of my sister. I mean household duties.
A     Does your sister's mother in law help her?
В    Yes, she looks after her granddaughter.
A    So your sister is lucky to have such mother-in-law! By the way, how
old is she?
В      She is in her early sixties, but she looks much younger.
A    Is she married or single?
В    It s a pity, she is a widow.
A   If it s not a secret, what relationship is Mike to you?
В     We are engaged.
A    Are you?
В   Come and see us someday.
A     Oh, sorry. It' s been very nice talking to you, but I must go now .
В    I ll. Ring you up.
A     All right.
В    Good bye.
A    Bye.