Студент КГМУ: Учеба в Университете, рабочий день студента. Диалог.

Учеба в Университете, рабочий день студента. Диалог.

Учеба в Университете, рабочий день студента.

A    Hello, Ira.
В    Hi, Lena.
A    Haven' t seen you for ages . How' s life?
В    Fine, thanks . And what about you?
A    I m   о'к. What do you do , Ira?
В    I'm   a second-year   student of the Kursk State Medical university.
A    And I am a student too. See me tonight, will you?
В    I'm afraid   I can' t. Г m as busy as a bee. Though I get up early in the morning I am short of time.
A    When does your working day begin?
В     The alarm - clock wakes me up at 6.30.   But I` m not an early riser.
A     Neither am I.
В     I   should   say   it' s very difficult for me to get out of   bed especially in winter.
A     And I follow a wise rule: Early to bed
                                                 And early to rise
                                                  Makes a man
                                                  Healthy , wealthy and wise.
В      By the way, to be healthy I have a 15 minute run before break fast every morning.
A   How long does it take you to go to the University?
В        It doesn' t take me long to get there. But I` m afraid to be late for the first lecture so I never go on foot. I go there by bus.
A        As far as   I know students spend much time at the University . What
about you?
В      So do I. After classes I usually go to the library to read special literature and to get ready for the lectures and seminars.
A    As for me sometimes I have to stay at the University till 5 or 6 o'clock in the afternoon.
В    And what do you do during the intervals between the lectures?
A   As a rule I go to the students' canteen or to the nearest cafe to have lunch.
В    I usually come back home at 3 p.m. And you?
A   If I am busy with my social work, I come back home much later.
В    In the evenings I   usually find time for listening to the latest news on the radio or watching my favorite TV programs.
A    As for me I do nothing . I mean I have a rest.
В    The students day is very busy, isn't it?
A    Of course , it is. And I always look forward to have a rest on weekends.
В    So do I.
A    Sorry, I must go now. Good bye.
В    Bye.