Студент КГМУ: Аптека в университете. Диалог.

Аптека в университете. Диалог.

Аптека в университете.

Correspondent: Good morning! I am a correspondent of the magazine
Manager: We are glad to meet you at our University Chemist's. Let me
introduce myself. I am Professor Pavlov, Head of the Department of
Organization of Pharmacy. Here I am the manager.
C: As far as I know it is the First University Chemist's in our town. How
does it differ from city chemist's shops?
M: Usually there are two departments in the chemist's shop. Here you
can see four.
C: Yes, I see the traditional chemist's and prescription departments. And
what is there on the second floor?
M: There we have.an optic department and a so-called "green"
C: "Green" department? What is it?
M: It is a special department, where medicinal plants are sold. Here you
can get qualified consultations from the teachers of the department of
pharmacognosy of our university.
C: I see that all plants are kept in drug cabinets, just as medicines.
M: Of course, and there are labels with the name of the plant on each
C: And this place looks like a bar.
M: Yes, this is a pytho-bar. Here customers may have herb cocktails and
different decoctions.
C: I believe it is possible to get necessary consultations here.
M: Sure! The leading specialists of our university consult customers.
C: I think your chemist's shop will become popular with the citizens of
our town. I wish you good luck.
M: Thanks a lot. We'll be always glad to see you in our chemist's shop.