Студент КГМУ: Свободное время, путешествия. Диалог.

Свободное время, путешествия. Диалог.

Свободное время, путешествия.

A   Hello, Ira.
В    Hi, Lena.
A    I wonder, Ira, what do you   usually do when you have spare time?
В    When I have spare time, I read books. Books are my passion. I spend
hours reading historical   books, adventure and love stories. And what about
A    I think reading takes too much time. For me it is sport. Г m not much of
a sportsman but I am a fan. I enjoy volley -ball.
В    I'm sure there is nothing better than to spend your free time travelling
by air or by sea.
A    I agree with you. Travelling by plane is my favorite way of travelling. It
saves our time.
В    Yes , it is the quickest way of travelling but it's dangerous as well.
A    The only thing Г am afraid of is air-sickness.
В    Don' t worry!  With these modern planes they have on the line today,
you are sure to be all right.
A    Travelling by plane, I prefer to buy a first-class ticket.
В    Do you mean tea and sandwiches that the stewardess brings to you?
A    Not only . The seats are so comfortable that you can have some sleep
on board.
В    I think travelling by air has some disadvantages.
A   I guess what you mean.
В   First it' s necessary to fill in the customs declaration, then they weigh up
your luggage , check the tickets. And finally they give you a boarding
pass. So many formalities!
A   It' s only in case you travel abroad. Then you have to write down all the
valuables and foreign currency in the declaration.
В    I'd better travel by train.
A   Frankly speaking I hate those stuffy trains.
В    Why not travel by car, then?
A    I have nothing to object.
В   Last summer we traveled by car and stayed at a very expensive hotel.
A   How much did you pay per night?
В     It was a single room with a private bath, a TV set, a fridge and a
telephone. So the price was very high. Will you join us next summer?
A   With pleasure.