Студент КГМУ: Problem of Modern Pharmacology. Монолог.

Problem of Modern Pharmacology. Монолог.

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Problem of Modern Pharmacology
Drugs are chemical substances used in medicine in the treatment of diseased The field of medicine which studies drugs, their nature, origin and effects in the body is called pharmacology.
Pharmacology is a large medical specialty and contains many subdivisions of study, including pharmacodynamics j molecular pharmacology, chemotherapy, and toxicology. A drug can have three different names; chemical name, generic or official, brand name or trade name. The rout of administration of a drug is very important. It determines its absorption into the blood and speed and duration of the drug action in the body.
Different methods used by doctors to administer drugs are: oral, sublingual, rectal, parenteraL, topical and inhalation.
Physicians are trained to be aware of certain characteristics of drugs-their indications, side effects, additive action, tolerance, contraindications.
There are six drug classes; neuropharmacologic drugs, antihistamines, cardiovascular drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, antibiotics and vitamins. Neuropharmacologic drugs include autonomic drugs and central Nerves system Drugs. Autonomic drugs influence the body in a manner similar to the action of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves of the autonomic nervous system. Central nerves system drugs, drugs which affect the central nervous system, are of two main types: those which stimulate the nerves in the brains and spinal cord, stimulants, and those which depress the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, depressants. Antihistamines block the action of a chemical substance called histamine, which is found in the body, Antihistamines can relieve the allergic symptoms which histamine produces. Cardiovascular drugs may be divided into three groups: drugs that effect the heart, drugs that affect blood pressure and drugs that prevent blood clotting.
There are a wide variety of gastrointestinal drugs. They each have different pharmacological activities and are used mainly to relieve uncomfortable and potentially dangerous symptoms, rather than as cures for diseases.
Antibiotics have been synthesizes in the laboratory and are used to treat serious bacterial infections.
Vitamins are necessary for normal body functioning and play important roles in the metabolic processes of the body,