Студент КГМУ: Как вы питаетесь, ваше любимое блюдо. Диалог.

Как вы питаетесь, ваше любимое блюдо. Диалог.

Как вы питаетесь, ваше любимое блюдо.

A What a surprise! Is that you, Ira?
В  Yes, it 's me , Lena. I am glad to see you.
A     So am I .   There is a cafe just round the corner. Let1 s go there to have
В     With pleasure! That' s a very good idea! As far as I know the service at
that cafe is good. They serve tasty food there.
A     And Г am as hungry as a hunter.
В    Let' s sit over there near the window. Here is the menu.
A     What would you like to start with, Ira?
В   I 'd like some vegetable salad.
A     As for me Г d rather order mixed salad.
В    How do you find the salad, Lena?
A     It' s so tasty!
В    And what about the entree?
A     I'm crazy about seafood. I mean oysters steamed with garlic and boiled
lobsters. It' s my favorite dish.
В   Sounds delicious! I have to trv it.
A   As for the side dish I prefer macaroni.
В   But Г am on diet. So no macaroni for me.
A     What about drinks then?
В      Г am off alcohol. But Г m dying for a drink. So Г d better order a
bottle of mineral water. And you?
A      I  prefer orange juice to mineral water.
В      Tastes differ! Now Г m at a loss what to order for dessert.
A      I am not a dessert person.
В    Neither am I.
A    But I can' t resist a cake with cream and chocolate.
В    You know , Г am on diet. No cake for me!
A    So have a pleasant meal , Ira.
В    Enjoy your meal, Lena.