Студент КГМУ: Посещение больного в стационаре другом. Диалог.

Посещение больного в стационаре другом. Диалог.

Посещение больного в стационаре другом.

A: Hello.
В: Hello. How are you?
A: Not bad. Thanks.
B: Your mother has told me, that you are at the hospital. What's happened to you?                                                                                            
 A: I felt bad three days ago, I had nausea, vomiting and acute pain к the stomach. My mother called in a doctor and he advised me to be hospitalized.
B: And what was the diagnosis?
A: I have an acute appendicitis.
B: I hope it is not very dangerous. I'm very sorry about you.
A: Don't worry. No need to be nervous. I have already been operated on. B: When were you admitted to the hospital?
A: I was admitted to the hospital two days ago. The doctor on duty examined me and sent me to the operation room at once.
B: And what procedures are administered to you?
A: Every day early in the morning the nurse on duty gives me intravenous injections.
B: Are any physiotherapeutic procedures prescribed to you?
A: No, I don't need any physiotherapeutic procedures.
B: I wonder, do like you the doctor?
A: Yes, he is a very good, experienced specialist. Besides he has a good bedside manner and he is very careful. Every day about 9 o'clock in the morning he begins his daily round, examines his patients and administers them all necessary procedures and drugs. B: I hope, you follow the doctor's prescriptions.
A: Yes of course. I have to keep to a strict diet after the operation.
B: Really? And what food can you eat?
A: I can't eat fatty food, eggs, sausage, smoked ham, pepper.
B: I have brought some fruits to you. I think you'll eat them with pleasure.
A: Oh, I see you have brought oranges, I like them very much.
B: I'm sorry, but I have to go. I feel for you. I wish you a quick recovery.
A: Thanks a lot. I was very glad to see you. Remember me to our class­mates.
B: OK, see you soon.
A: Good-bye.